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If you are interested in offering online registration services to your runners please become a Race Director member.

Once you have become a member, you have two options to add your race:

1. Have us add your race to the site
 (FREE!) by sending us an email (admin@theracedeal.com) that includes which service/s you would like (regular online registration, race deal, or both), an attached printable registration form, and any other important information you want for your listing so that your race can be placed on TheRaceDeal.com (FYI, you can also give us a call at 740-680-

2. Create your race yourself directly on the site using the
 Create Race function from your race director "My Account" page.  (Note: your race will not immediately be published until reviewed by moderator, typically no longer than 24 hrs.)

The following video explains how to become a Race Director Member:


Theracedeal.com offers three unique types of services for your race.  Two of which are offered exclusively at theracedeal.com.

Regular Registration

Similar to the registration services provided at sites like Active.com (although significantly less expensive for runners).  Simply enter your race and subsequent event/s registration fees and theracedeal.com will charge a small transaction for each runner who registers for your race.

Race Deal

Race Deals work like other daily deal sites by offering a special discounted registration price for a limited time to email subscribers.  When your Race Deal becomes active, runners from your state will receive an email promoting your race and the limited time discount. 

This video shows an example of a Race Deal and explains this unique service in greater detail:


What separates “Race Deals” from other daily deal offers?

-Theracedeal.com is designed specifically to target runners so that the emails sent out go to those who are genuinely interested in your race.

-No More Coupon Codes!  Runners who register for Race Deals are able to sign up directly on theracedeal.com without having to receive a coupon code in their email and transferring it to a third party site.

-Limited Entries:  Other daily deal sites tend to be great for the consumer but extremely expensive to the race director/business owner.  For each Race Deal, we offer the discounted rate to a quantity of close to 10% of the total race participants from the race’s previous year (ex. 200 participants last year=20 race deal entries offered). 

-Cost Effective:  At theracedeal.com we offer deep enough discounts to entice runners to sign up for your race (25% off regular registration fee) while providing race directors with a cost effective advertising strategy.  See “Pricing” section for commission rates.  

“Both” Services

Offer both regular registration and race deal services for your race. 


Posting your race for online registration services is easy on TheRaceDeal.  The following two videos are a step by step guide that will help you get your race posted and begin accepting online registrations.

1. This video shows you how to fill out the first page of the Create Race form.

2. This video shows you how to add events on the Add Events page, which is completed once the first page of the Create Race form is filled out.


Regular Registration (charged to runner):

Registration fees between $0-30= $2.50

30+= $3.00

Race Deal:

Commission Fees (deducted from discounted registration fees collected):

Discounted Registration Fees Between $0-$15

                Commission= 15% of discounted fee

                Example: regular registration fees= $15 (25% off= $11.75 race deal fee)

                                                                                       15% of $11.75= $1.75 (commission fee per runner)

Discounted Registration Fees Between $16-$29

                Commission= 13% of discounted fee

Discounted Registration Fees Between $30-$39
                Commission= 10% of discounted fee

Discounted Registration Fees Between $40-$59
                Commission= 8% of discounted fee

Discounted Registration Fees Between $60 and up
                Commission= 6% of discounted fee

If your race deal does NOT sell out, then you (race director) will be charged the total commission amount for only those participants who registered during the race deal period.

If your race deal does sell out, then you (race director) will be charged the total commission amount collected for your race deal.


Feature your race to increase race participation!  Featured races are placed in the top left portion of each page on TheRaceDeal.com to maximize exposure.  This is a flat fee service of $50, which will be deducted from your owed registration fees.

what people are saying
Theracedeal.com online registration is fantastic! The Relay for Life Spring 5K had 335 participants, generating total monies over $6,000 to the American Cancer Society!
This was our first time to experience online registration. It was a great success and as a race director, I would highly suggest this great online registration system! See you next year, Nick! Great job!
Diane M.
Nick, thanks so much for all your online help. I was pleasantly surprised by how many people registered online! I know you didn't get rich doing that for me, but, I greatly appreciate it. Now that I know how it works, I will push the idea for next year's race. We have an established race so I feel that we can expand it to include more runners. Hope you continue to have success with theracedeal.com. I know I won't hesitate to spread the word about how well it worked for me.
Jim S.
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