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The FAQs page will help address most questions you may have about theracedeal.com.  If you have a question that is not answered in this list, then you may find your answer in the “How it Works” page, or you can always contact us.

What does theracedeal.com do?
 Theracedeal.com offers special deal rates for races in your area including any race distance from a tiny trot to an ultra-marathon.  It also offers regular registration to many of the races you love, and new ones that are waiting to be discovered!
How do I register for a race?
 Go to the "All Races" or your specifc state races page.  Find the race you would like to register for and click "view race".  In the race details page click "register".  Proceed to filling out the registration form.
How do I know my registration was successful?
 There are several ways to indicate that you have successfully registered for a race on theracedeal.com.

1. When you click "register" after putting in your credit card information you should then be taken to a confirmation page that says "Thank you for registering."

2. Each successful registration sends an automatic confirmation email to the email address you indicated on your registration form that will let you know you have registered.

3. Runner members of theracedeal.com can go to their my account page by signing in and will be able to see all the races they have successfully registered for on this page.

How do I become a runner member of theracedeal.com?
 In the top right corner of the webpage click "sign-up" and then make sure to select "Runner", then fill out the resulting form. 
How do I become a race director member of theracedeal.com
Click on the "Sign Up" button in the top right corner or click the "Race Directors" link on the navigation bar.  Next, select the Race Director membership option and fill out the resulting form.

I would like a general overview of the My Account page
How do I subscribe to theracedeal.com?
 You have two options: 1.) In the top right corner fill in your email where it says "Subscribe to get deals!" 2.) or you can become a runner or race director member of theracedeal.com.
How do I create a race?
 After filling out the Race Director membership form (only race director members can add races) the "Create Race" form will appear allowing you to enter all the information for your race to be placed on theracedeal.com.  If you are already a Race Director member, then log-in and go the "My Account" page and click the "Create Race" button.

Once you have completed the first page that is shown in the video above, you will be taken to the "Add Events" page which will allow you to add individual race events and select registration periods for your race.  Below is a short video that explains this process:

How do I log into the race deal?
1.) Go to the top right corner and click "Sign In"
I am a race director, how will I receive my registration fees?
 Your owed registration fees will be mailed to you in check form on the Monday after your race has been completed.  If you have any questions about this policy please use the contact form provided on this site.  If your race accumulates $500 in owed registration fees, then you will be mailed a check on the following Monday for this amount.
My race is featured, how will I be charged?
When you choose to have your race listed as a featured race you will be contacted by TheRaceDeal.com to specify the timeframe for the featured service.  There are two options: 1.) pay for a month's use up front ($150/month) 2.) for any timeframe less than a month indicate to theracedeal.com how many days you would like to have your race featured ($6/day).
How do I view my race's registration list?
 In your My Account page you will find your race list under the Current Races tab.  Either click on the race name or the View Events link.  Your race events will drop down.  Click which event you would like to view and your registration list for that event will pop-up.  

Note: To export your event's registration list into an Excel file click the "Export in .CSV file" button.  Proceed to click the "Download .CSV file" when it appears to the right of the button.
How do I Upload my Race Results?
In your My Account page either click on your race's name or the "View Events" link.  Your race events will drop down.  Click on the event for which you would like to upload results.  Once the pop-up appears, in the top right corner click the "Choose File" button.  Select the appropriate file and then click the "Upload Result" button.

Note: If you have one document for the race results (events not split into separate documents) then upload your results document with your main event pop-up page.
Where can I see the TOTAL registration fees my race is owed?
 In your My Account page, find which race below the "Current Races" tab you are interested in.  To the right of the race's name there is a link called "View Summary."  The resulting pop-up will show you how many registrants you have for your race across all events and how many race fees have been collected across all events (owed fees).
I just created a race using the create race function, why is it not on the site?
 When you use the create race function, your race is added but not immediately published.  Your entry is reviewed to ensure it is ready to be placed on the TheRaceDeal.com.  Once this process is complete (within 24hrs.) your race will be published on the site.  
Some of the information fields in the Excel Document are showing up as "#####". Is this data available?
Yes, simply double click these fields to reveal the information.  The second double click on a cell should open up the entire row of information.
what people are saying
Theracedeal.com online registration is fantastic! The Relay for Life Spring 5K had 335 participants, generating total monies over $6,000 to the American Cancer Society!
This was our first time to experience online registration. It was a great success and as a race director, I would highly suggest this great online registration system! See you next year, Nick! Great job!
Diane M.
Nick, thanks so much for all your online help. I was pleasantly surprised by how many people registered online! I know you didn't get rich doing that for me, but, I greatly appreciate it. Now that I know how it works, I will push the idea for next year's race. We have an established race so I feel that we can expand it to include more runners. Hope you continue to have success with theracedeal.com. I know I won't hesitate to spread the word about how well it worked for me.
Jim S.
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