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About Us


TheRaceDeal.com is the newest and best way to organize, publish, and register for the races you love.  We offer services that are unique to theracedeal.com that will help both runners and race directors advertise and save.  At theracedeal.com, we believe that we are able to fill the holes left by other registration service providers by offering the most reliable, trustworthy, and cost-effective strategies to make this a win-win for everyone involved.  While our competition may be bigger we are confident that you will find that our services and layout lend themselves to the optimal online registration experience.  

For Runners

Theracedeal.com offers the following benefits for runners who use the site:

1. Race Deal Discounts That are Limited Time Offers on Races in Your Area

These work similar to other daily discount services you’ve seen, but are specifically tailored to runners.

2. Simple Registration Process

The regular registration and race deal registration services go hand in hand.  No more coupon codes!  Simply buy the Race Deal before it is sold out or time expires and fill out the registration form! 

3. Emails for Deals You Care About

As a runner you want deals to races in your area!  No more emails hyping things you don’t want.

4. The Lowest Transaction Fees Available

At theracedeal.com, we strive to offer the lowest registration fees available.  

For Race Directors

Theracedeal.com offers the following benefits for race directors who use the site:

1. Three Service Options

Theracedeal.com offers three service options: regular registration, race deals, or both services.  Regular registration works like other online registration service sites.  Race Deals operate as daily deals for races.  Finally, both services work to combine both regular registration and race deals to maximize the exposure to your race.

2. We Can Set Up the Race Registration for You!

Not computer savvy? TheRaceDeal.com will set up your race registration based on your paper registration form and any additional information you feel you need for your race at NO ADDITIONAL COST!  (Just send an email to admin@theracedeal.com with required information).  However, for those who are ready to get the ball rolling, you have the ability to create the race yourself with a free Race Director Membership.

3. Race Deals

Race deals help to advertise your event to runners in your area who may not be familiar with your race.  When you choose to use the race deal service for your race, subscribers in your state will receive an email promoting your race when your race deal is active. 

4. Daily Deals that Make Sense

No longer will you be required to offer discounts so deep that they don’t make sense to you as a race director.  We strive to offer runners enticing discounts while giving the race director a cost-effective advertising strategy.  How do we do this? By only requiring you offer a 25% discount to your regular registration price, and by taking a reasonable commission fee for each runner who signs up during this time (see “How it Works” page).

5. Feature Your Race

For a monthly fee, you are able to post your race on the front of each page on theracedeal.com.  This will help maximize your race’s exposure to all those who visit theracedeal.com!

6. Easy Race Management

After becoming a Race Director member, you can easily manage your races on the “My Account” page.  This feature allows you to edit your races, view your race’s cumulative registration fees, and convert registration lists into easy to print Excel files.

7. Available Partnerships

Theracedeal.com is looking for grand prix and race series organizers.  By partnering with theracedeal.com, your series can receive a portion of the transaction fee collected from those regular registration participants who sign up for races that list your race series as the referrer to theracedeal.com.

what people are saying
Theracedeal.com online registration is fantastic! The Relay for Life Spring 5K had 335 participants, generating total monies over $6,000 to the American Cancer Society!
This was our first time to experience online registration. It was a great success and as a race director, I would highly suggest this great online registration system! See you next year, Nick! Great job!
Diane M.
Nick, thanks so much for all your online help. I was pleasantly surprised by how many people registered online! I know you didn't get rich doing that for me, but, I greatly appreciate it. Now that I know how it works, I will push the idea for next year's race. We have an established race so I feel that we can expand it to include more runners. Hope you continue to have success with theracedeal.com. I know I won't hesitate to spread the word about how well it worked for me.
Jim S.
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